Apple grudgingly agreed to comply with new EU rules, Is an iPhone with USB-C coming?

Previously, the European Council issued an announcement on its website confirming that it had approved the uniform charging port within the EU scheme. It means that starting in 2024, USB-C will be established as the standard port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, and other devices, and the charging port and fast charging technology will be unified and coordinated.

USB-C iPad Pro

As the only smartphone maker on the market that still uses a proprietary Lightning port instead of a USB-C port, Apple is clearly the one most affected. According to statistics, Apple will sell 241 million iPhones worldwide in 2021, of which about 56 million will be sold in Europe. Apple objected in 2020, arguing that the EU’s universal charging solution would stifle rather than encourage innovation, and ultimately harm European consumers and even the economies of the entire region.

At a recent event held by The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s current senior vice president of global marketing Greg Joswiak said that Apple will have to comply with the EU’s USB-C port charging requirements.

There are probably over a billion Lightning cables on the market today, and moving to a USB-C port means a lot of e-waste will be created. Apple seems to prefer the EU not to interfere too much, arguing that the solution it offers will have an advantage over USB-C for customers.