Apple engineers claim that it doesn’t develop Safari based Chromium browser

Apple developed Safari for Windows many years ago, but this version of the browser has long been abandoned by Apple and has not been updated for many years. For Apple users using the Windows operating system, without the cooperation of the Safari browser, many new features such as web browsing services will be lost. Is it possible for Apple to restart the Safari for Windows project? A few screenshots from technology media recently seem to show that Apple is preparing to change the kernel.

Recently, some netizens found that in the Chromium open source project, Apple engineers consulted Google engineers: whether the intelligent tracking prevention function can be activated by default. Intelligent tracking prevention is the first privacy protection feature launched by Firefox, and Apple and Microsoft have already made clear that they will follow up on this feature. However, Google has issued a statement confirming that Google Chrome will not follow up on this feature.

The interesting thing is that the screenshot also shows a screenshot of Safari for Windows 10, which is considered that Apple is developing a new version of Safari based on Chromium. The media said that it is estimated that Apple is preparing to develop a new browser for Windows 10 users separately so that users can enjoy better services in terms of privacy protection.

This message was originally submitted by a user of a Russian technology website, and the user stated that the relevant questioning thread has been deleted by Apple after the screenshot. Then the website mistakenly believed that this was the real news and posted the user’s contribution, and then the news that Apple developed a new Safari browser was reprinted by major websites. However, the news was also noticed by Apple engineers. The engineer confirmed on Twitter that the news was fake and the relevant screenshots were faked by netizens themselves. Finally, the Russian technology media that originally published the news also stated that the submission was indeed false, and apologized to Google and Apple’s WebKit kernel team.