antiX 19 Alpha 1 releases, Linux distributions


antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install Linux live CD distribution based on Debian Testing for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. It provides antiX magic with a set of environments suitable for older computers. It’s goal is to Linux to the novice and veteran to provide a lightweight but full-featured, flexible free operating system. It should be able to run on the vast majority of computers – from the 64 MB memory but with 128 MB swap partition of the old PII system to the latest high-end machines. The minimum memory configuration recommended for antiX is 128 MB RAM, and the installer requires at least 2.2 GB of hard disk space. AntiX can also be used as a quick start emergency disc to use.


So, why should I use antiX?

* systemd-free!
* fast
* stable
* Flexible
* light on system resources
* Install to hard drive,
* Set up and run live from an encrypted stick with persistence and remaster
* Frugal install on a partition.
* Option to run bleeding edge Debian Testing (buster) or sid.

Antix 17.4.1 released.


* connman replaces wicd and is default. ceni still included. This means a faster boot with only a slight increase in RAM.
The connman gui is included in the startup file, but not enabled (to keep RAM usage down).

* More up to date look via a ‘new’ icon them (numix-bevel plus additions).

* Still using the 4.9 kernel. 4.19 and 5.0 kernel versions easily installable.

* live grub rescue options (thanks to fehlix)

* Time-saver installer (thanks to AK-47)

* chroot-rescue added (thanks to BitJam) “These programs are meant to supplement the fehlix live rescue system. The main thing is these allow you to get into a system even if its initrd.img is broken. It also let’s you get into multiple systems without rebooting”.

* Various rox-filer right-click additions

* screenlight included (thanks to SamK)

* virtualbox-guest apps 6.0.6-dfsg-1

* synaptic without zenity dependency

* gksu and gexec included/updated (thanks to skidoo)

* persistence sizes increased and the persist menu F5 now includes p_static_root and f_static_root (thanks BitJam)

* Others