September 27, 2020

Android 8.0 DP5 suddenly released

1 min read

Google announced last month that “Developer Preview 4” will be the last beta version of Android O before it was launched. But this morning, Google suddenly released Android-based Developer Preview 5.

After understanding to find that this is not for the tablet and mobile phone version, but for the Android Things device version, which is the Internet of ultra-low power operating system.

DP5 is mainly used in the support of the hardware platform for development and compatibility testing. Google said that this version may still have some stability issues with the supported hardware, so if any errors are found, the system will ask for feedback. And Google does not enable all APIs in this preview, if you want to know if your application is working properly, you can find a list of disabled APIs in the “Known Issues” section.

Also worth mentioning is that in accordance with the news of the big god evleaks say, Android O official version will be launched on August 21.

Reference: phonearena