Android 12 may support the screen to rotate with the face

Android12 will solve a screen rotation problem that has plagued users for a long time. It can detect the direction of the face to automatically rotate the screen. This feature will initially be available for Google Pixel phones.

Google is currently developing a new feature called Smart Auto Rotation for Android 12. Although the specific details are not yet clear, 9to5Google said that it may be based on facial recognition, that is to say through the front camera for recognition, after which the screen will automatically rotate according to the user’s face orientation.

Android 12 Auto Rotation

In order to identify the location of the face, Google may use the front camera to capture the user’s face view. However, industry insiders said there is no need to worry about privacy issues, Google will only capture and process data locally.

If Android12 based on the smart auto-rotation/face auto-rotation function can utilize the facial shape algorithm in other applications (such as Google Duo), then the auto-rotation function will be more in line with the actual needs of users.

According to some Android12 features that have been exposed so far, the new system may become a good upgrade version, and its changes are much more than we expected, such as the use of new AOSP, optimized and improved new UI, dedicated game modes, one-handed mode and so on.