Android 10 currently accounts for only 8.2%

Android 10 currently accounts for only 8.2%

The Android’ fragmentation problem has always been a concern of Google. However, Google has been solving the fragmentation problem many years ago, but now it has little effect.

Even Apple has previously teased that the new Android version is too slow to push to the users. In contrast, the new iOS version usually covers 70% or more devices in about a year.

But relatively speaking, the coverage speed of the new version of Android is also improved compared to the previous one, which is mainly due to the acceleration of the adaptation speed of third-party manufacturers.

For example, the latest Android version distribution data shows that Android 10.0 accounts for about 8.2%, while the Android 9.0 Pie series accounts for about 31.3%.

Google official has not released the distribution data of the Android version for a long time. However, the media can still query version distribution data through Android Studio.

From the current market share point of view, Android 9.0 Pie is the highest, this Android version market share reached 31.3% and is still growing.

The second is Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo, which is the Oreo version. The Oreo version was released in 2018. The current market share has crossed the peak and began to decline gradually.

The Android 10.0 version launched last fall currently has a market share of only 8.2%, which means that the vast majority of users have not yet used the latest version of Android.

In addition, the total market share of Android 5.0 ~ Android 7.0 is 33.3%. Finally, Android 4.x and below have a total market share of 5.9%.

Via: 9to5google