Analyst says Meta Quest 3 development is going well

According to Mixed reports, following the exposure of Meta Quest 3’s CAD design drawings, XR hardware analyst Brad Lynch brought news about this unreleased VR headset.
Brad Lynch said recently that in December, the first engineering verification machine of Meta Quest 3 has been handed over to the core team of Meta Reality Labs for testing. Now other XR software development departments are also starting to receive engineering demonstrators and prepare to develop software for them. In addition, third-party developers will be able to receive the corresponding development kits in the second quarter of 2023. As for the CAD design leaked some time ago, Lynch also said that Meta still retains the prototype, so there is not much change in the hardware.

However, in terms of the core SoC, although many sources have indicated that Quest 3 will be equipped with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is rumored to be called Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, but at the Qualcomm Summit at the end of last year and this year’s CES 2023, Qualcomm did not release any information. In this regard, Lynch believes that this incident is related to the agreement between Qualcomm and Meta in September last year, which delayed the release of new chips.

So far, what we can know is that Quest 3 will use a thinner and lighter Pancake lens module, and the screen will still be LCD; the front panel has two color cameras and a black and white camera for color see-through; the bottom has contacts so it’s compatible with the Meta Quest Pro’s charging dock.

Considering that the newly launched VR all-in-one machines basically use Pancake modules and higher-resolution screens, it can be seen that VR has entered a new stage in terms of display.