An Essay on the Role of Cybersecurity in the Modern World

Ethics of Cybersecurity: Can Privacy and Security Be Ensured at the Same Time

With the growth of people’s use of the Internet, the protection of confidential information has become something that must be taken very seriously. Otherwise, the Internet can become one of the dangerous places to visit if sensitive information is not protected. If a computer does not have proper security measures in place, then it has a high chance of being infected with malware, malicious logic, and therefore, any type of information on that computer can be easily accessed within minutes. And there are many millions of websites on the Internet that are infected with malware and spyware.

Cybersecurity is a continuous cycle of trying to fix flaws and invent an attacker. Currently, the best that defenders can do is to make hacking costly to attackers in terms of money, time, resources, and research. In recent years, attacks on information infrastructures have become more frequent and more complex, while criminals are on the rise. Due to the technologically sophisticated malware, the ability to respond to an attack and re-track it is very limited. Often attacks fail to determine the identity and origin of the attacker.

Information risks are a real scourge of modern business. But in our time, it is simply impossible to completely isolate a company from risks of this kind: the lack of an official website of the company negatively affects its rating and trust in it, most payments are made through Internet banking (which can significantly save time), tax and other forms of reporting are also predominantly submitted to regulatory and supervisory authorities in electronic form.

Cybersecurity Essay: Problems and Solutions

Indeed, as the world now realizes that cyber threats are genuine and imminent, countermeasures are being taken to explore broad cyber security solutions. Information technology has begun to bring the security war back to our advantage with so many new innovations such as the blockchain that will now be the foundational elements of the future of e-government, smart cities, smart IoT, and all other activities taking place in cyberspace.

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  • In today’s growing world cyber security is very much needed because as technology provides many means to use it, there are also some effects such as security threats and cyber-attacks.
  • To protect data from hacking and cyber-attacks, we need cyber security. Cybersecurity is the process of saving networks, computer programs, and data from unauthorized access or users who seek to access user data for personal use and gain.
  • Many organizations develop software to protect data. This software helps protect data and information.
  • Security in the field of digital technologies has now become a prerequisite for the operation of almost any business.

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Cybersecurity refers to one of the branches of information security and covers the protection of data in the networks of companies and organizations, as well as the protection of private information of individuals. Cybersecurity specialists are trained both by higher educational institutions and specialized courses.

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