AMD will launch the ZEN 3 architecture in September

AMD launched the ZEN 2 architecture based on the 7-nanometer process node in July 2019. The new product launched at that time was the AMD RYZEN 3000 series.

In July of this year, the company launched the RYZEN 3000XT series processors with better performance. At the same time, the XT series processors were sold at the original price with no increase in price.

However, the XT processor is certainly not the focus of AMD this year, because the company has previously predicted that the AMD ZEN 3 architecture is coming.

At the beginning of the year, AMD had confirmed that the ZEN 3 architecture will be launched in 2020, but the outside world is slightly doubtful due to the coronavirus epidemic situation and various factors.

However, AMD CEO Ms. Lisa Su also confirmed again that AMD will launch the ZEN 3 architecture and related processors, code-named Vermeer, by the end of the year.

Lisa Su said that the AMD ZEN 3 architecture is on the way, committed to bringing extreme performance to users and fans.

At present, the AMD ZEN 3 architecture looks very good in the laboratory, and we will release more surprises for everyone according to the original plan later this year.

The AMD ZEN 3 architecture will continue to use the 7-nanometer process node, and AMD will also move to the 5-nanometer process node, ZEN 4, and later.