AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D iGPU performance has been greatly improved

AMD has equipped the new generation Ryzen 7000 series with integrated graphics. Although the GPU uses RDNA 2 architecture, it only has 2 CUs and is severely limited in performance, being truly a “showy machine integrated graphics” that almost all users of these processors do not care about.

Recently, the Ryzen 7000X3D series processors using 3D Vertical Cache (3D V-Cache) technology have been released for sale, with their L3 cache capacity increased by 64MB and equipped with the same integrated graphics. PCMag‘s tests show that the larger L3 cache greatly improves the performance of the integrated graphics.

Tests include F1 22, Total War: Three Kingdoms, BioShock Infinite, and Tomb Raider, with resolutions of 720P and 1080P.

The results show that with the addition of 3D V-Cache, the performance of the integrated graphics of Ryzen 9 7950X3D is up to 4.3 times higher than that of Ryzen 9 7950X at 720P resolution and up to 4 times higher at 1080P resolution. Although the test data cannot be compared with conventional discrete graphics cards, it reflects the benefits of 3D V-Cache for integrated graphics.

Considering that AMD also has APU with a single chip, such as the latest Ryzen 7040 series, which has a stronger RDNA 3 architecture integrated graphics with 12 CUs, if 3D V-Cache technology is also added, the graphics performance will be further improved. AMD also has the Ryzen 7045 series on the mobile platform, which uses the same chip as the desktop platform. Given the efficiency of 3D V-Cache in games, adding this technology would make it an excellent gaming platform.

3D V-Cache has changed the rules of the game to a certain extent, and it is believed that AMD may be considering the more widespread use of this technology.