AMD Launches New Commercial Systems Partner Program

In the past two years, with the skyrocketing revenue, AMD has had more abundant liquidity. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Lisa Su, AMD has gradually entered the fast lane of development. AMD recently launched a new partner program designed to incentivize resellers to sell AMD-based systems to commercial customers. The content includes AMD training, sales and marketing support, and high rebate incentives.

According to CRN, AMD’s new commercial system partner program was launched on January 1 this year, and the rebate incentive is one of several benefits, covering OEM partners including Dell, HPE, and Lenovo. These vendors will be rewarded with rebates for selling Ryzen and EPYC processor-based devices, and the higher the processor in the system, the higher the reward amount. Value-added reseller (VAR) salespeople will be trained by AMD to better understand the characteristics of Ryzen- and EPYC-based platforms and differentiate them from rival Intel platforms.

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Insiders said that AMD’s new business system partner program is very competitive and attractive, and the response from manufacturers is also very positive, but they refused to disclose the specific content of the program, such as the proportion or amount of rebates. In addition to high rebate incentives, AMD also provides other benefits in the program such as market development funds and joint marketing programs, as well as more intangibles, such as access to AMD’s technical experts and executives.

It is understood that AMD’s new commercial systems partner program was proposed by its North American channel director Terry Richardson, who joined AMD at the end of last year and previously served as an executive at HPE. Strategies such as rebate incentives in AMD’s new plan are not illegal. The reason why rival Intel’s marketing strategy is controversial is that it requires an exclusive agreement. Obviously, AMD does not have such restrictions.