AMD is determined to launch the Zen 5 architecture this year

At AMD’s fourth-quarter financial report in 2023, CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed plans to launch the next-generation Zen 5 architecture in the second half of 2024. This lineup includes the Granite Ridge for desktop platforms, Strix Point for mobile platforms, and EPYC Turin for servers.

The Zen 5 architecture will form the foundation for AMD’s next-generation processors, from client PCs to high-performance data centers. The mobile platform will see the launch of Strix Point in late 2024, succeeding the Ryzen 8040 Hawk Point processors. It will embody the AI PC concept, upgrading the Ryzen AI and NPU from XDNA 1 to XDNA 2, tripling the AI engine’s performance. The processor cores will be Zen 5, and the GPU architecture will advance to RDNA 3.5, set for release later this year.

Ryzen 8000 series CPUs

On the desktop front, AMD will introduce the Zen 5-based Granite Ridge processors, replacing the current Zen 4 architecture Raphael Ryzen 7000 processors. These will offer significant performance improvements and compatibility with existing AM5 motherboards, alongside the introduction of a new generation of AM5 motherboards.

In the server market, the new EPYC Turin will feature more cores and enhanced memory scalability. The Zen 5 cores are expected to deliver leading performance per watt across various workloads. The fifth-generation EPYC Turin is anticipated to be equipped with up to 128 Zen 5 cores, and an even more powerful version, Zen 5c, could have up to 192 cores. These will directly compete with Intel’s Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest series, also expected in late 2024.

These three series are just the tip of the iceberg in AMD’s plans, with more products utilizing the Zen 5 and Zen 5c architectures projected for 2025.