AMD Instinct MI300 series will have APU version

Previous reports have pointed out that the Instinct MI300 series GPUs may be available in a variety of specifications, with HBM3 memory stacks ranging from two to eight, respectively. This product based on the CDNA 3 architecture will use 3D chip stacking technology. There will be a basic module with an I/O interface below the small chip, and each basic module can be connected to two HBM3 memory stacks. It is manufactured using a 6nm process. The computing module is manufactured using a 5nm process.

AdoredTV recently leaked a roadmap from AMD, an alleged presentation of the Instinct MI300 series plan from within AMD confirms that the Instinct MI300 series, in addition to appearing as a GPU, can also be an APU, encapsulating modules from the Zen 4 architecture and the CDNA 3 architecture.
This news is not too surprising. After all, there have been reports in the past that AMD also has a new server socket called “SH5”. The chip may package the CPU module with the GPU module and memory together, called the Exascale APU. model.
Judging from the structure of the Instinct MI300 series exposed in the past, it is equipped with at least six HBM memory stacks. Whether it is the GPU version or the APU version, the packaged size should be the same. AMD has published a paper titled Design and Analysis of Exascale Computing APUs, which discusses a high-performance chip design that includes CPU chips, GPU chips, and HBM memory stacks.