AMD Genoa EPYC Motherboard Leaks: SP5 socket, 12-channel DDR5 memory

AMD will launch a new generation of Zen 4 architecture EPYC processors this year, and use the new SP5 socket.

Recently, a partial photo of a motherboard equipped with a Zen 4 architecture processor has been exposed on the ServeTheHome forum, which not only shows the appearance of the EPYC processor after installation, and it seems to confirm from the side that the EPYC 7004 series processors codenamed Genoa/Bergamo will support 12-channel DDR5 memory.

Source: ServeTheHome

The new SP5 socket has a total of 6096 contacts, which is 2002 more than the current SP3 socket’s 4094 contacts because new technologies such as PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 require more contacts to support. The picture is a verified motherboard, and it is a two-way platform. There should be a total of 24 DDR5 memory slots. It is rumored that AMD’s EPYC 7004 series processors will support DDR5-5200 memory.
It is understood that AMD has provided samples of the EPYC processor code-named Genoa to the first customers and is expected to launch the product by the end of this year. The EPYC processor, code-named Genoa, has up to 96 cores, while the EPYC processor, code-named Bergamo, has up to 128 cores, both of which will use the SP5 socket. The next-generation EPYC processor, codenamed Turin, is expected to launch as soon as next year.