AMD Gaming Chair is now available for $579

AMD offers a lot of peripheral products on the official fan store, including items such as clothing, hats, mouse pads, pins, and stickers. Recently, AMD cooperated with Vertagear to launch an AMD-branded gaming chair, which is available in red and black and black and white color options.

This AMD-branded gaming chair is based on Vertagear’s PL4500 gaming chair. Using materials such as steel brackets, aluminum alloy bases, and PUC leather, it can effectively support the neck and waist and has removable cushions, adjustable for seat height, backrest, reclines, and armrests, with a locking system and Penta RS1 casters. Its net weight is 25.5kg, and the maximum load is 180kg.

This is not the first time that the PL4500 gaming chair has added elements from other brands. Last year, Vertagear cooperated with Swarovski to launch a gaming chair with crystal decoration.
The current price of Vertagear’s PL4500 gaming chair is $549.99, while the AMD-branded gaming chair is priced at $579, which doesn’t seem like a lot of premium. However, unlike the original PL4500 gaming chair, the AMD-branded gaming chair does not have RGB lighting effects. If players are obsessed with RGB lighting effects, they can purchase Vertagear’s RGB upgrade kit for $199.99.

After players place an order for this gaming chairs, Vertagear is also responsible for the delivery. Given that Vertagear’s PL4500 gaming chair itself has a good design, this AMD-branded gaming chair should also have a good experience.