AMD FidelityFX SDK: Launched in 2023Q2, including three new special effects

At the recent GDC 2023 conference, AMD announced the forthcoming FidelityFX SDK, designed to serve as a comprehensive collection of FidelityFX visual effects, transforming the traditional single-solution approach, and facilitating the implementation of these graphics enhancements for game developers.

As reported by Wccftech, the GDC 2023 session was hosted by Jason Lacroix, a key member of AMD’s technical department, who unveiled the FidelityFX SDK during a dedicated lecture. Over the past four years, AMD has introduced numerous valuable technologies; however, the growing effects library has exposed issues within the current templates, with each addition accentuating the need for a superior solution.

Lacroix highlighted inconsistencies in coding standards and styles, with some divergent implementations proving difficult to follow. The setup of new effects involves unnecessary template code and duplicate content, and the supported graphics frameworks generally lack stability. To date, these effects have been executed on no fewer than six distinct versions of Cauldron, each introducing numerous API-breaking changes that have slowed development to an intolerable degree.

Furthermore, inconsistencies in documentation format have been observed. While some examples feature similar API accessors, most do not, and platform/API support is limited, with few Vulkan versions released alongside DirectX 12. Even when available, minimal functionality is supported on the Xbox platform.

The new FidelityFX SDK aims to rectify these issues by emphasizing simplicity, structure, and consistency. Slated for a Q2 2023 release via GPUOpen, the SDK will include native Vulkan and DirectX 12 backends, as well as a custom backend provided by AMD’s Cauldron. The SDK will also feature three new FidelityFX effects: FidelityFX Depth of Field, FidelityFX Lens, and FidelityFX Blur. Additionally, improved functionalities and new effects will be introduced in the 1.1 and 1.2 releases during Q3 and Q4 of this year.