AMD EPYC 9654 processor photo leaks

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor Raphael desktop processor with Zen 4 architecture is likely to be released on August 29 and will be released on September 15. The EPYC 9000 Genoa processors used in servers are likely to be released on the same day.

@yuuki_ans posted a photo of the AMD EPYC 9654 processor, which is a Genoa processor with Zen 4 architecture. This processor has up to 96 cores and a total of 192 threads. From the photo, this CPU is placed on a tray, which shows that more than one CPU has been shipped, which shows that AMD is already delivering the new generation of EPYC processors as planned. Unlike normal consumer processors, server processors are delivered to customers before release, allowing them to test new systems so that new platforms can be deployed more quickly.

The new generation EPYC Genoa processor has 50% more cores than the current EPYC Milan, the number of CCDs packaged inside has increased from a maximum of 8 to 12, and a new SP5 socket will be used. Supporting DDR5 memory and PCI-E 5.0 and CXL interfaces, AMD’s Genoa was originally planned to compete with Intel’s Sapphire Rapids for the market. But it is clear that Intel’s Sapphire Rapids will be delayed again, which may lead to further erosion of Intel’s server market share by AMD.

This EPYC 9654 is not the top model of this generation of EPYC processors. There is also a product called EPYC 9664, which also has 96 cores, 192 threads, and 384MB of L3 cache, but the TDP is increased from 360W to 400W, which means it has a higher frequency. Judging from the previously exposed ES samples, the basic frequency is 2.25GHz, and the acceleration frequency is 3.8GHz. There will definitely be a version using 3D V-Cache in the future.