Amazon is developing a new operating system based on Linux

Reports suggest that Amazon may be planning to develop a new operating system based on Linux, codenamed “Vega,” aiming to replace the Android-based Fire OS. This system is intended for use in Fire TV boxes, streaming sticks, and devices like tablets.

The concept reportedly originated as early as 2017, when Amazon approached chip manufacturers with the requirement, seeking greater stability in the integration of software and hardware. Currently, the operating system has hundreds of contributors, including former Mozilla engineer Zibi Braniecki, who joined Amazon in 2022.

Furthermore, the “Vega” OS will operate on a framework based on React.js and will utilize the open-source app architecture proposed by Meta. It is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android environments, indicating that developers will be able to swiftly create apps for various platforms.

Amazon appears to have completed most of the development work for “Vega,” though a specific release schedule has not been confirmed. The new OS is expected to alleviate the issues of reliance on outdated core versions of the Android Open Source Project. For example, the operating system currently used in Fire TV boxes is still based on Android 9, while many apps on the Google Play Store have already been updated following the release of the new Android 14.

In addition to its use in existing connected devices, Amazon also plans to implement “Vega” in smart vehicle infotainment systems and other yet-to-be-released products, thereby reducing the reliance on the Android Open Source Project.