Amazon denies accepting Bitcoin as payment

Earlier, some media discovered that the international e-commerce giant Amazon had announced the recruitment of digital currency and blockchain products, which was considered to be Amazon’s entry into cryptocurrency.

Considering that Amazon provides online shopping in many countries and regions around the world, accepting Bitcoin payments may allow Bitcoin to reach more users.

There is also news that Amazon will even issue its own cryptocurrency to pay or consume rewards, and all this is only guessed through Amazon’s recruitment information.

Although it is the only speculation that Bitcoin is still stimulated by the good news, the price of Bitcoin has soared. This week, Bitcoin quickly rose from $33,000 and reached $40,500.

Amazon leak

Amazon issued a statement recently that although the company is interested in the cryptocurrency field, rumors about Amazon-related cryptocurrencies are not true.

The company spokesperson also emphasized that Amazon is still focused on exploring what these emerging things will look like for customers who shop on the Amazon platform.

Subsequently, the price of Bitcoin was spurred by bad news to plunge rapidly. Last night, Bitcoin quickly plunged from the highest of around $40,500 to around $37,000.

Of course, many retail investors think this is a bookmaker’s routine, deliberately publishing false news about Amazon’s cryptocurrency to attract retail investors to buy quickly.

It turns out that this news is fake and many retail investors were directly trapped after the price plunged, but this is also a very common thing in the current cryptocurrency market.

Via: Reuters