AMD confirms the AM5 platform will be in long-time use

At CES 2022, AMD shared a lot of information about the next-generation Zen 4 architecture processor codenamed Raphael, as well as the new AM5 socket (LGA 1718). AMD has confirmed that a new generation of Ryzen 7000 series CPUs will meet consumers in the second half of 2022.

Zen 4 architecture Ryzen 7000

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su said in an interview with PC World that AMD is very satisfied with the development of the AM4 platform and has fulfilled its long-time commitment. AMD believes that this approach is beneficial both for itself and for the development community. With the development of technology, it needs to be replaced in order to adapt to the change of I/O, the new AM5 platform is similar to the AM4 platform and will become the same long-time platform, but the specific number of years cannot be determined for the time being.

Paul Alcorn with Tom’s Hardware: AMD committed to the AM4 platform, the AM4 socket for quite a long time. Can you guys give us any idea of how long you will stick with AM5?

Dr. Lisa Su: Well, we’ve been extremely pleased with how AM4 has evolved….we said we would keep that socket for a long time and we have. We continue to believe that it has been good for the community and frankly, it’s been good for us as well. As we bring things along, it was time to do a socket transition for the new I/O in the new technology, but I think strategy-wise, it should be similar. I don’t have an exact number of years but I would say that you should expect that AM5 will be a long-lived platform as AM4 has been. I think we’re expecting AM4 to stay in the marketplace for quite some years and it will be sort of an overlapping type of thing.