All iPhone 15 models will be equipped with Dynamic Island

As the biggest upgrade of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro series, Dynamic Island subtly makes the originally unsightly hole-digging screen suddenly a little interesting with a combination of soft and hard. Recently, it is reported that Apple will standardize Dynamic Island on all series of iPhone 15 next year.

This statement comes from a tweet from a supply chain analyst quoted by MacRumors that next year’s iPhone 15 will also support the Dynamic Island function. Of course, this is not too unexpected news. In the past, Apple used new technologies on the Pro series first and waited until the second year to decentralize the technology. With one exception, next year’s standard iPhone 15 will still not have a 120Hz LTPO high refresh rate screen. It is still the Pro models that have Apple’s ProMotion technology. The analysis believes that the current supply chain does not have enough screens to cope with larger shipments.

This year’s iPhone 14 is generally considered to have an insufficient attraction to upgrade. Compared with the previous generation iPhone 13, it is only a major upgrade of the camera system. Other parts and even the chip are still the slightly modified A15 Bionic. So next year’s iPhone 15, Apple does have to give some new features to attract everyone to a new phone.