All iPhone 12 series have greenish screen problems

More and more users of the iPhone 12 series are used, many users currently find that their devices have a green screen when the brightness is low.

Judging from the current postings of Weibo netizens, both iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max have green screens in certain usage environments.

The green screen problem is not the first of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, but it is believed that other manufacturers after Apple have similar problems. After all, this is related to the screen used.

Simply put, this is the problem with the OLED screen used by Apple. Under certain usage environments, the difference in the brightness of the OLED screen pixels becomes larger, resulting in uneven color.

There are quite a lot of users with uneven or very green screens. Of course, many users have contacted Apple’s official website and received answers from Apple’s customer service.

Apple’s official customer service said that it is known that the problem is being checked and processed. The customer service said that the initial judgment is that the system and software problems are caused by hardware failure.

Apple engineers are doing their best to conduct urgent investigations. After the investigation is clear, repairs will be made to the new system. Customer service reminds users to keep the mobile phone system up to date.

Of course, Apple will not admit that this type of problem is a hardware problem. After all, hardware problems need to be recalled and repaired. Apple said it was a software problem, and users could only wait for Apple to fix the problem.

From the current situation described by netizens, the main reason is that when the brightness of the screen is relatively low at night, there will be obvious color unevenness or extreme green.

Therefore, if the user finds that the situation is serious or affects normal use, it is recommended to contact Apple for a return, so as not to see this situation seriously affect the mood.

Apple’s customer service is only saying that the engineers are fully investigating so it is estimated that the cause has not been found, and it is estimated that no new firmware will be released to fix this problem in a short time.

Via: gizchina