Alder Lake platform’s DDR5-6400 memory performance data leaked

The upcoming Intel Alder Lake will be the first consumer processor to support DDR5 memory. In the past few months, we can see that many memory manufacturers are very active in developing DDR5 memory. I believe that after the launch of the 12th-generation Core series processors, DDR5 memory will be marketed faster.

Recently, Twitter user @harukaze5719 leaked the first DDR5 memory test data on the Alder Lake platform. The test platform is based on early engineering samples/UEFI firmware version. It is reported that the Core i5-12600K processor (ES version) is used, with DDR5-6400 memory, the timing is 40-40-40-85, the read speed exceeds 90 GB/s, but the delay is as high as 92.5 ns.

Image: harukaze5719

Compared to March of this year, Longsys also disclosed the test results of DDR5 memory when it showed its new DDR5 memory module products. At the time, Intel’s Alder Lake-S ADP-S CRB development board was used, with a 32GB DDR5-4800 memory module. Obviously, the memory frequency in the leaked test was higher.

Longsys displayed the test data of DDR5 through AIDA64 in the Windows 10 Pro operating system and compared it with the test results of 32GB DDR4-3200 memory (CL22). The read speed of the platform’s memory is 35844MB/s and the write speed is 32613MB/s, which is about 12-36% faster than the various test items of DDR4 memory. However, the delay reached 112.1ns, which is almost doubled compared to DDR4 memory.