AirPods 3 support for noise reduction in iOS 13.2 beta

Apple’s next version of AirPods may have a noise reduction feature. The rumor that AirPods has a noise reduction feature is nothing new. It was once in the second generation AirPods that it will have active noise reduction, but it is actually released. The new iOS 13.2 Beta seems to indicate that the third-generation AirPods will be equipped with noise reduction.

This beta release contains glyph images of the upcoming AirPods. It’s a flat gray and white icon, but even so, it’s enough to show that the design of the new generation AirPods is in progress. The noise-reduced AirPods seem to have the characteristics of a traditional earplug that protrudes from the white body to better fit your ears.

If Apple wants to provide noise reduction, it must be closer to this design to keep your ears sealed with your ears and reduce the loudness of the surrounding sound. More and more companies are applying noise cancellation and reduction techniques to their wireless earbuds to distinguish them from the first few products in this product category. Sony’s 1000XM3 earbuds have built-in NC, and Amazon borrows Bose technology to integrate noise reduction into the upcoming Echo Buds.