afrog: A Security Tool for Bug Bounty, Pentest and Red Teaming

What is afrog

afrog is a high-performance vulnerability scanner that is fast and stable. It supports user-defined PoC and comes with several built-in types, such as CVE, CNVD, default passwords, information disclosure, fingerprint identification, unauthorized access, arbitrary file reading, and command execution. With afrog, network security professionals can quickly validate and remediate vulnerabilities, which helps to enhance their security defense capabilities.


  •  Open source
  •  Fast, stable, with low false positives
  •  Detailed HTML vulnerability reports
  •  Customizable and stably updatable PoCs
  •  Active community exchange group


Scan a single target.

afrog -t -o result.html


Scan multiple targets.

afrog -T urls.txt -o result.html

For example urls.txt


Test a single PoC file

afrog -t -P ./testing/poc-test.yaml -o result.html


Test multiple PoC files

afrog -t -P ./testing/ -o result.html


Output html report



Install & Use

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