Acer launches new Aspire 3 notebook: Equipped with Ryzen3 7320U

AMD launched the Ryzen/Athlon 7020 series processors in September and has cooperated with three notebook manufacturers, and related products will be shipped in the fourth quarter. Acer recently launched a new Aspire 3 notebook, equipped with a Ryzen3 7320U processor.

It is worth noting that the system carried by this notebook is Windows 11 Home Edition in S mode. S Mode is a feature developed by Microsoft to provide users with a safe and smooth Windows operating system experience. However, in this mode, users can only run programs in the Microsoft Store, and cannot use the command line, registry, and other tools. For most users, exiting S mode may be more in line with their usage scenarios.

Ryzen3 7320U adopts TSMC 6nm process, four-core eight-thread design, “Zen2” architecture; thermal design power consumption (TDP) is 15W; L2 cache 2M, L3 cache 4M; supports dual-channel LPDDR5 memory with a frequency up to 5500MHz. In terms of integrated display, Ryzen3 7320U is equipped with Radeon 610M, has two CUs with RDNA 2 architecture, a total of 128 stream processors, and a maximum frequency of 1900MHz.

The Acer Aspire 3 notebook is positioned as an entry-level notebook. The notebook has been sold at a price of $399.99.