Acer launched four Chromebooks aimed at the education market

Last week we reported that Lenovo announced four Chromebooks, and recently Acer announced their new Chromebooks, also four models, also aimed at the education market. All four devices use processors based on Intel’s Alder Lake architecture and are known for their durability.

First up is the Chromebook Vero 712, the only model of the four with an Intel Core i3-1215U, and the best performer. The Core i3-1215U uses a combination of 2 P-core + 4 E-core, and the maximum turbo frequency can reach 4.40GHz. In addition, Acer also provides versions of Pentium Gold 8505 and Celeron 7305, both of which are 1 P-core + 4 E-core configurations, but the P-core of Celeron 7305 does not have hyper-threading.

Acer also emphasized the environmental protection concept of the Chromebook Vero 712. This notebook uses recycled materials on the fuselage and outer packaging. Acer believes this can bring environmental awareness to campuses.

The next three Chromebooks are iterations of existing models, the Chromebook 511, Chromebook Spin 511, and Chromebook Spin 512. The 511 is the 11.6-inch version, the 512 is the 12-inch version, and the model with the Spin can be turned 360 degrees. The processors they use are the Intel N100 and N200 processors with relatively new release dates, which belong to the Alder Lake-N series with only E-core. Both processors are 4 cores and 4 threads, that is, a set of E-core configurations. The difference is mainly reflected in the frequency.