84% of Windows 10 users are now using Windows Hello

The latest data report released by Microsoft shows that Windows Hello biometric authentication, PIN, and hardware authentication systems are currently being gradually popularized.

Windows Hello biometric authentication allows users to use iris recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition, and of course, it also supports the use of shorter PIN code authentication.

These verification methods also support password-free login authentication for online accounts and web pages, etc., and this authentication can skip passwords and is relatively more secure.

Microsoft is currently vigorously promoting the password-free authentication method. Microsoft believes that biometric authentication is more convenient, faster, safer, and more reliable than traditional password login.

Statistics show that the number of users using Windows Hello has soared from 69.4% in 2019 to 84.7%, thanks to Microsoft’s vigorous promotion.

The Microsoft online account now also supports calling Windows Hello to log in. For example, when we log in to the Microsoft account, we do not need to enter the password of the Microsoft account.

This login method has been supported in mainstream browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Of course, at present, there are not many websites that support Windows Hello online authentication. It may be due to security considerations that other websites do not support Microsoft authentication.

Source: Microsoft | Via: bleepingcomputer