Write Smarter: Google Introduces AI Writing Assistant in Chrome Update

According to a blog post penned by Google’s Vice President Parisa Tabriz, as reported by Wccftech, the Chrome browser is set to undergo enhancements based on artificial intelligence capabilities. The forthcoming version aims to introduce functionalities for managing browser tabs, themes, wallpapers, and more. However, these additions are currently in the “experimental phase” and thus, not yet available to all users.

Furthermore, Google plans to integrate a writing assistant into the Chrome browser. Unlike the regular updates, this feature is expected to be launched in February. Google suggests that users will be able to activate the writing assistant with a simple right-click on the relevant page and generate content by inputting a few keywords.

The rationale behind introducing this new feature, according to Google, is that writing—beyond the realms of exams and homework assignments—is the task most frequently delegated to AI software like ChatGPT by users. With the writing capabilities of AI software now mature, Google aims to offer AI writing functionalities conveniently through the browser.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s Edge browser has previously undergone a similar upgrade, incorporating AI features following Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI. Shortly after the widespread adoption of ChatGPT, Microsoft also upgraded its Bing search engine to become “AI-driven.”

Moreover, tech giants like Google and Microsoft leverage their substantial financial resources to develop new features and utilize their vast user base for testing these innovations. Consequently, Chrome users in the United States can opt to use the new features via the browser’s “Settings” menu, while the specific timeline for the new version’s release in other regions remains to be determined.