Windows 10X RTM version has been compiled at build 20279

Windows 10X RTM version has been compiled at build 20279

Earlier we have mentioned that Microsoft’s Windows 10X operating system designed for dual-screen foldable devices is expected to launch the RTM production version at the end of this year.

The latest news is that Microsoft has completed the signing of the RTM version, and the final version number is Windows 10X Build 20279, which is different from Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Dev development version is currently only Build 21277, which also confirms that Microsoft has recently focused on the X version instead of the regular version.

Windows 10X Clipboard

The well-known editor Zac Bowden said on Twitter that according to his news, the Windows 10X version has been signed, but Microsoft still needs time to make some minor repairs.

This version will not be pushed to users currently using Windows 10. Of course, if users are interested in installing it, they can install this system manually.

It is worth noting that although the system supports running on x64 processors, it does not support desktop software. In theory, it only supports UWP software and PWA applications.

Therefore, for most users, this version is not the best choice for daily use. Not supporting desktop software means that most software cannot be installed and used normally.

The Windows 10X version was originally positioned as a high-end dual-screen foldable device, but now it is positioned as a low-end entry-level device. The focus may be on the education market.