Windows 10 version 22H2 will only ship with a “scoped set of features”

Windows 10 version 22H2 has now arrived in the release preview channel for testing, and users of the official version can also enable the new version in some ways.

According to Microsoft’s previous instructions, this version is a small update mainly to provide some new functions for enterprises, and these new functions are all related to general printing and have nothing to do with consumers.

In our opinion, this new version should have nothing to pay attention to except for the version number change, but Microsoft itself announced some version information in advance.

Microsoft said that this version will indeed have some new features but did not specify which new features are, and Microsoft will share it later this year.

Although Microsoft revealed that there will be some new features, we all know that Windows 10 will end support in 2025, so this is no longer the focus of development.

The new features of the operating system are mainly concentrated on Windows 11 and even Windows 12, and Windows 10 will continue to provide security support.

In terms of hardware requirements, the new version is no different from the previous version, and the hardware requirements have not changed since Windows 10 Version 2004. So users who still want to stay in Windows 10 can upgrade with confidence, at least not because there is no trusted platform module or processor.