Windows 10 Build 10586 will not receive any update from Microsoft

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Microsoft today updated the article on the official support page, urging the Windows 15 users who are still using the Version 1511 version to upgrade as soon as possible. Version 1511 released in November 2015, that is, Build 10586, is Windows 10 in July 2015 released the first official version of Build 10240 after the launch of the first wave of major feature updates. Because Windows 10 canceled the form of the service pack, but the use of services that update the practice, so Version 1511 is also the old user dubbed Win10 SP1 or Win10.1.

It is reported that Version 1511 will start from October 10 to stop the security update, no longer enjoy any official support. Previously, Microsoft has been in May this year, the end of the Version 1507 support.

It is worth mentioning that, starting on the 17th, Windows 10 autumn creative update will be released and pushed, version number Build 16299.xx, Windows 10 since the release of the fifth major feature upgrade. Of course, for those who like the “quiet world” users, with the old version also means completely isolated Update.

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