What is Cloud Based Access Control and Why Is It Important?

Access Control refers to allowing individuals access to a site, building or office space under certain circumstances – for example, preventing access to unauthorized people and maintaining the sanctity of the premise.

A security access control system helps to manage and monitor who has access to certain areas, as well as restricting access to other hazardous equipment or locations. You can use a security access control system to regulate entry into the VIP lounge or an elevator machine room.

There are many new technological advances that pave the way for new and improved access card systems. The most popular trend is to go with a cloud-based solution. It hosts all the access control system online, outside the business’s gate. There will be no need for on-site monitoring because everything will be taking place virtually in this case.

7 Reasons Cloud Based Access Control Could Be Important:

Here are some of the most prominent features of cloud-based Access control systems.

Reduced Cost

You might be able to see savings with cloud technologies like access control. There are fewer rack storage, power and hardware servers on your site, or the need for specific software or high-spec computers needed to run and view data related to access control.

Access from Anywhere:

You can access your system from literally anywhere you go. The admin user can easily log in through a website portal using a secure log-in, and even use any device to get in touch with the system, including a smartphone.

And not only that, but this controls system will also give you all the time in the world when it comes down to accessing and monitoring your real estate property if that’s what it is – therefore being able to easily do basically anything you might have to or want to if need be.

If you’re concerned about lost or hacked credentials that can steal your access control password, use Windows VPN by Cyberghost. It will manage your digital footprints and allows a secure system.

Business continuity

In the cloud, access control systems are hosted on multiple servers as a coping mechanism against server failure. Many servers accomplish the resilience of the system so that if one server goes offline you can still be sure everything will not fail.

Add extra features

When choosing a cloud-based solution for a business, you may be surprised to learn just how much flexibility there is when it comes to adding services.

Cloud solutions feature a pay-as-you-go plan, which means you’re not involuntarily committing yourself to an extensive lineup of services that you don’t need or want. Many things can be removed or added at any time and with little or no hassle on your part.

Infrastructure management

Having a cloud-based access control system enables businesses with multiple facilities to have greater control over their perimeter breaches and alarms from one console.

Moreover, it also allows them to better protect their network against instances of skimming because if all of your locations are connected in the same way, it’s easier to spot potential weaknesses.

Easily customizable

Reliable cloud-based access control systems can be modified to fit any specific type of building.

For example, they are great at dealing with different types of dwellings, whether it is community apartments or business office buildings of various sizes.

When you’re working on building a new software system, it’s also important to ensure you maximize your efficiency. Instead of wasting your time fiddling with various wires when you need to make changes to the site security permissions, we recommend using a revolutionary online platform that allows you to do so without all the hassle.

Data protection and backup

As with any computer program, a cloud-based access control system is automatically backed up and updated as needed. Your data will always be available and accessible when you need it to be.

What’s more, because it’s not saved on your own hardware if Disaster strikes you’ll never lose your data. (Even if your server crashes or becomes corrupted.)

Down the road, data centers are equipped with everything from redundancies, to generators and security measures – it’s truly a world within itself. And it takes a true expert to handle them.

When it comes to data centers, there can be issues such as downtime, and corruption that you need to consider should they arise. Just remember that you will always have someone on hand who is familiar with your infrastructure and can solve any problems that may occur.