Visa warns that hackers can get card details from gas station networks

Visa highlighted in a security alert the ongoing POS system attacks and data theft at gas station networks. Visa disclosed in an incident that the attacker used a phishing email sent to a merchant employee to install a remote access Trojan on the merchant’s network. “.Once the POS environment was successfully accessed, a Random Access Memory (RAM) scraper was deployed on the POS system to harvest payment card data.

ICS Attack Framework “TRITON”

In another incident, Visa found a similar behavior-a hacker attacked into the target network and entered the POS environment to steal bank card data. Visa noted that during the incident, the hacker specifically tracked magnetic stripe transaction data that occurred at the gas station. The company believes that a cybercrime group called FIN8 may be behind the attack.

In addition, Visa also mentioned the third cyber attack against North American hotel merchants. Although the attack did not specifically target gas stations, Visa said that FIN8 may use the malware in this attack to attack gas stations in future attacks.