Valve directly publishes Steam Deck CAD drawings

Valve’s first handheld game console, Steam Deck, will be released on February 25. Before the release, Valve has released the Steam Deck CAD drawings on Gitlab. The CAD drawings from the official release detail all the mold details for Steam Deck, which means everyone can custom-develop accessories for Steam Deck.

Steam Deck CAD

Valve stated that the CAD drawings were shared under the Creative Commons license, and the CAD drawings were released because Valve wanted to see what the community could create for Steam Deck. And now the drawings are released before the Steam Deck release, which means that accessory manufacturers or individuals can use this time to design and develop personalized accessories, which can be used by themselves or sold to other players after the release.

Valve writes:

This repository contains CAD files for the external shell (surface topology) of Steam Deck, under a Creative Commons license. This includes an STP model, STL model, and drawings (DWG) for reference.