Twitter announced a new API payment plan

Previously announced to launch a new API payment scheme, Twitter has now unveiled its revamped pricing model, while retaining a free plan for developers’ testing and chatbot design purposes.

The free plan allows for up to 1,500 tweets per month to be written within the Twitter app, though it does not permit reading any tweet content from the app. The basic plan, billed at $100 per month, permits users and the Twitter app to write up to 3,000 and 50,000 tweets per month, respectively, and read up to 10,000 tweets per month via the app while supporting two app accounts.

As for the paid plans tailored to enterprise application needs, a dedicated team will provide customized management to meet specific business requirements, with pricing naturally based on the customized content.

In response to the adjustments in the new API usage policy, existing APIs will expire after 30 days.

This announcement does not explicitly mention whether academic research usage will continue to be granted free access to API resources. Consequently, future academic research may only continue through paid plans.