To make it easier for you to find reputable extensions, Google Chrome will give extensions a Featured badge

Google is planning to add badges to extensions in the Chrome Web Store, including featured badges and established badges. The essence of providing these badges is to make it easier for users to find safe and reliable extensions that will receive an official Google recommendation. It is worth noting that for developers who want to get a recommendation, they have to apply manually. After submitting the application, Google will manually review and decide whether to provide a badge.

Google Chrome 100

The featured badge is only available for reputable extensions that follow best practices for security, privacy, design, and user experience. Of course, Google may also conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on data such as the installation of extensions and user feedback. Although Google did not state it clearly, these should be indispensable. From April 20, 2022, developers will be able to actively submit applications. After submitting the application, Google will manually review and recommend it in the Web Store after approval. These extensions will also display featured badges when they are opened. For users, when searching for extensions with similar functions, the featured badges will naturally be displayed first.

The established badge is different from the recommendation of the featured badge. This badge is mainly suitable for developer certification. After obtaining the badge, the badge will be displayed in the provider field. The established badges are identified by a developer with a valid, Google-verified account and no violation of the developer policy. So in theory most developers can get the established badge, but this badge does not get the official recommendation like the featured badge. The good news is that both Featured and Established badges can rank better in user searches, so it’s worth applying for certification as a developer.

Via: Neowin