The Xcode 13 beta suggests that Mac Pro may be equipped with new Intel CPU

About a month ago, there were reports that Apple was developing a new Mac Pro, its size will be significantly reduced, similar to the design of the Power Mac G4 Cube 20 years ago. This workstation will use Apple’s high-end self-developed chips, including two products with different specifications. Code-named Jade 2C-Die is a 20-core chip, including 16 performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores. The code-named Jade 4C-Die is a 40-core chip, including 32 performance cores and 8 energy-efficient cores.

Mac Pro 64 CPU

“Mon Mac Pro est à vendre (pour un iMac 5K)” by LoKan Sardari is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

However, Twitter user @realmrpippy recently discovered that a new Intel chip for Mac Pro appeared in the Xcode 13 beta. It is aimed at the third-generation Xeon Scalable processor Ice Lake SP released by Intel in April. Intel said that the processor has better performance and security. Compared with the previous generation of Cascade Lake, the maximum number of cores has increased from 28 to 40, and the IPC has increased by 20%. The overall performance has increased by 46%, and the AI ​​performance has increased by 74%. Key work areas such as cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things, HPC, AI, etc. will have significant improvements in efficiency.

This means that it is likely that on high-end models, Apple will update the platform using Intel processors at least once, and retain this product line. Perhaps Apple’s self-developed chip plan is progressing on the high-end product line, not as fast as everyone thought. At the beginning of this year, there were rumors that Apple was working on two lines simultaneously in the development of the new Mac Pro. One is still using Intel’s chip, and the other is a self-developed chip, but the model with a self-developed chip is smaller, only half of the current version.