The new Pixel tablet may be an entry-level/mid-range product

After Google announced in 2019 that it would abandon its tablet business and focus on laptops, Android tablets fell to the bottom. That changed, however, with the return of Android co-founder Rich Miner to Google’s Android tablet development team earlier this year. At the Google I/O 2022 developer conference in May this year, Google released and demonstrated a series of products, including the new Pixel tablet.

According to Notebookcheck, developers found information in the Android source code about the new Pixel tablet, which uses a Sony IMX355 sensor for the front and rear cameras. This is a sensor commonly used in many Google mobile phones and is generally used as a front-facing camera. The new Pixel tablet is the first Android device from Google to drop support for 32-bit code and can only run 64-bit apps.

It is speculated that the new Pixel tablet may have only 4GB of memory capacity, then it will appear as an entry-level product.  At the same time, due to the lack of modules such as barometer, GPS and LTE modem, even if it is equipped with Google Tensor SoC, and the memory is larger, it can only be used as a mid-range product at best.

Developers believe that Google will market the new Pixel tablet as a “family tablet,” not a product to compete with the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, so Google may be using the new Pixel tablet as a Nest Hub.

Google is expected to officially release the new Pixel tablet in early 2023, possibly alongside the Pixel 7a.