Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

The latest Windows cumulative update causes bug on Windows Defender

2 min read

The routine cumulative update released by Microsoft this month is currently being found too many problems. We have already mentioned that the update caused the wireless network to be abnormal and don’t work. Microsoft also confirmed that the Start menu could not be opened normally after installing the cumulative update, and Microsoft Input Method Editor may also consume too much processor resources and so on. Even Windows 10 Defender anti-virus software has an abnormal bug.

We know that anti-virus software is a very time-consuming task when performing a full scan, because the entire computer may have a large number of files to be detected. After installing the latest cumulative update, when a user tries to use Windows Defender for a full scan, after a few seconds, the user is prompted to complete the scan. Of course, if the user carefully looks at the scan completion prompt, it will find that WindowsDefender only scans a few files, so it will be done in a few seconds. Scanning only a few files is of course too likely to detect potential viruses, so Windows Defender seems to have been failed to protect your Windows system.

In a statement sent by the external media, Microsoft confirmed that the WindowsDefender full-scan feature does not detect properly due to some unknown problems. However, Microsoft emphasized that the problem that occurred this time only affected the full scan manually initiated by the user, and the real-time automatic protection function of the system was not damaged by the cumulative update. Microsoft recommends that users temporarily use the Custom Scan option feature if they need to perform a large number of file detections.