The iPhone 14 series will be divided into two versions, eSIM-only and physical SIM card slots

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows users to activate cellular mobile networks without using a physical card. Apple first introduced eSIM technology in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in 2018. There have been recent reports that Apple hopes to continue this trend on the iPhone 14 series, but will make slight changes to provide versions with only eSIM and a physical SIM card slot.

iPhone 14 Pro

Some analysts pointed out that eSIM is the general trend for the iPhone series. However, Apple will not take an extreme approach and let existing users switch to eSIM immediately, but will advance through a circular and gradual approach. On the one hand, the eSIM-only version will be launched, and on the other hand, the eSIM + physical SIM card slot version will be reserved for the mass market and major operating channels. For telecom operators, you can choose between the two versions according to your needs.

In the future, eSIM-only versions of the iPhone series may become mainstream, and telecom operators will need to make necessary marketing changes to inform customers how to upgrade, or how to choose in the process. Of course, Apple doesn’t enable eSIM support in all regions, and Apple has a maintained list of countries and carriers. However, the addition of eSIM is likely to confuse users when purchasing, and detailed documentation support is necessary. I believe Apple will prepare in advance.