The Dutch police took down 15 booters that target government sites

The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is currently erupting around the world, and many people rely on news published by government agencies’ websites to learn about protection knowledge.

If these websites cannot be accessed due to anomalies, it will adversely affect the fight against the epidemic, and attacking government websites at this time is naturally a big deal.

But there are really hackers attacking the websites used by the government to publish the epidemic situation. Of course, there is no surprise that these hackers were naturally arrested by the police in minutes.

According to official Dutch sources, the country’s police have arrested more than 15 hackers who launched DDoS attacks during the coronavirus epidemic. The attacks have made many websites inaccessible. The latest arrested hacker was only 19 years old.

The attacked website was used by the Dutch government to publish information about the epidemic, so many Dutch people rely on the website to get the latest information on the Dutch epidemic.

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Of course, it was an exaggeration to say that it was caught every minute, because the attack occurred on March 19, when the attack caused the two websites of the Dutch government to go offline for several hours.

After tracing the source, the Dutch police and Europol determined the location of the attacker. After identifying the identity and location, the Dutch police organization quickly arrested the hacker.

Prior to this, the US Department of Justice had issued a notice saying that hackers would focus on attacking cyber attacks or attacking government websites during the outbreak.

After all, under the current circumstances, many government websites are important channels for information release and dissemination. Some attacks may prevent some important news from being delivered on time.

Many EU member states have issued similar notices. For example, after arresting the hackers, Dutch government agencies said in the press release that they would severely crackdown on such attacks.

The Dutch government stated that many emergency decrees and other emergency regulations were posted on government websites, so these sites are crucial for many citizens at this time.

The cyberattack will affect the access of these websites, affecting many citizens to obtain information, so the Dutch police will continue to cooperate with the European Criminal Police to prevent the attack.