The 5G millimeter wave transmission speed of iPhone 12 is 25 times faster than 4G LTE

Well-known YouTuber Justine Ezarik recently invited Apple executives & iPhone product manager Francesca Sweet to discuss iPhone 12 via video.

In the live broadcast, Justin talked about her 5G experience on iPhone 12. Then the two continued to discuss that users can experience different types of 5G on the iPhone 12.

This is the mmWave millimeter-wave and sub-6GHz two different frequency bands of the 5G network. The millimeter-wave 5G network is the fastest of these two frequency bands.

Despite the high speed, millimeter-wave networks cannot be used in most areas because millimeter-wave networks are faster but have relatively smaller coverage.

iphone 12 dark blue

Image: EverythingApplePro/Max Weinbach

Although sub-6GHz is not as fast as millimeter-wave networks, it is more reliable. Therefore, 5G networks currently deployed in most regions of the world are sub-6GHz.

When Justin asked Francesca Sweet about the expected speed in different types of frequency bands, Francesca Sweet specifically introduced this part.

Francesca Sweet said that the speed we see on millimeter-wave is 25 times faster than that of LTE network, and the speed on sub-6GHz 5G is about twice that of LTE.

At present, most users cannot experience high-speed millimeter-wave networks, so if you plan to buy iPhone 12, you may have to lower your expectations for 5G.

In addition, the entire iPhone 12 series supports 5G but only supports millimeter-wave networks launched in the US market. Versions in other markets do not support millimeter-wave networks.

Via: 9to5mac