The 14th generation Core is exclusive to Meteor Lake

Intel’s forthcoming processor, codenamed Meteor Lake, bears no relevance to the desktop platform, as its desktop variant has been scrapped in favor of this year’s Raptor Lake Refresh release.

@momomo_us discovered the following entry in OpenVPL’s new hardware support files: Future: 14th Generation Intel Core (MTL/Meteor Lake), with no mention of Raptor Lake Refresh. Thus, it is probable that the future desktop Raptor Lake Refresh will retain the 13th-generation Core branding, while the 14th-generation Core processors will be exclusive to mobile platforms.

Raptor Lake Refresh will still be manufactured using Intel’s 7-nanometer process, likely incorporating some optimizations and increased frequencies. The naming scheme remains unclear, potentially resulting in designations such as Core i9-13950K.

As for the release timeline, Raptor Lake Refresh may be unveiled around August this year, covering consumer-grade to entry-level workstation platforms, including 35W, 65W, and 125W models. No new motherboards will be introduced, as the existing Intel 700-series boards will suffice. Meanwhile, Meteor Lake’s launch is also slated for the second half of this year, although it may not materialize until year’s end.