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Pegasus spyware Jordan

“The A-Team”: Foreign Spies Target Australia

In Australia, the threat of espionage and foreign interference has escalated to unprecedented levels, warns Mike Burgess, the Director-General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). He expressed his concern that an increasing number...

Cloudflare Breached

China Targets US Infrastructure, FBI Sounds Alarm

At the annual security conference, FBI Director Christopher Wray emphasized the necessity of addressing the threat emanating from China. Wray highlighted Beijing’s extensive efforts to clandestinely implant malicious software within the critical infrastructure of...

Moobot botnet

Moobot Botnet Takedown: US Disrupts Hacker Operations

In a strikingly orchestrated endeavor during January, the United States authorities successfully dismantled a botnet implicated in conducting espionage and cyberattacks against American and international targets. This operation, spearheaded by law enforcement, entailed purging...