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Samsung Foldables

Huawei Poised to Dethrone Samsung in Foldables

Since the debut of the inaugural foldable model, the Galaxy Fold, in 2019, Samsung has annually released new iterations of the Galaxy Z Fold/Flip series from 2020 through 2023, culminating in the Galaxy Z...

Global Smartphone Brands

From 720 to 250: The Drastic Decline of Global Smartphone Brands

Market research firm Counterpoint revealed that in 2017, over 720 smartphone brands were operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. However, by 2023, this number dwindled to fewer than 250. Counterpoint’s analysis suggests that...

OPPO develop chip

Rumor: OPPO is developing a flagship mobile phone chip

Among Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is considered the leader. With a complete supply chain and various chip development and manufacturing departments, Samsung can equip its Galaxy series with the best screen, memory, storage chips,...