Tachyum Announces Prodigy Processors Specifications

Tachyum once disclosed the concept of the fully functional Prodigy processors at Hot Chips in 2018. It can run any code with a dynamic binary translator, and at the same time has a very high execution and translation code efficiency, causing a stir. Tachyum spent a lot of time designing the corresponding hardware and has recently started accepting pre-orders on the Prodigy Evaluation Platform. Tachyum said it will provide a full-featured Prodigy general-purpose processor, memory and application software to pre-order customers.

Prodigy is known as the world’s first Universal Processor. CPU, GPU and TPU tasks can be performed on the same chip, and it can run native and x86, Arm and RISC-V binaries, providing cost savings and high performance computing power compared to competing products. It adopts Tachyum’s self-developed architecture and is manufactured using TSMC’s N5P process. It has a maximum of 128 64-bit cores and operates at a frequency of up to 5.7 GHz; equipped with 16 DDR5 memory controllers, supporting a data transfer rate of up to 7200 MT/s; has 64 PCIe 5.0 lanes.

Tachyum has published specifications for the entire Prodigy series, with different core counts and different TDPs. The lowest specification is the 32-core T8232-LP with a TDP of 180W, and the highest specification is the T16128-AIX with a TDP of 950W. According to Tachyum, the fully functional Prodigy processors have three times the double-precision floating-point performance of the NVIDIA H100 and six times the AI ​​FP8 performance.

Tachyum will provide samples of the Prodigy later this year, with mass production expected in the first half of 2023. In addition, the second-generation Prodigy processor is also planned, which will be manufactured on a 3nm process, provide higher memory bandwidth, support PCIe 6.0 and CXL, and have stronger connections. Samples will be available in the second half of 2024.