Statistics: Windows 10 market share rises slightly, Chrome drops slightly

According to a recent December 2019 report released by market research agency Netmarketshare, the market share of Windows 10 systems has increased slightly, but the market share of Chrome has declined slightly. With the end of support for Windows 7 has entered the final countdown phase, more and more users are switching to Windows 10 system, the current market share reached 54.62%, while Windows 7 ranked second with 26.64%.

Apple’s macOS X 10.15 ranks third with a market share of 4.23%. Surprisingly, Windows 8.1 still has a market share of 3.63%, followed by macOS X 10.14, which has a market share of 3.5%.

Although there is a slight increase and decrease, the change is relatively small. With the Windows 7 system ending support on January 14, 2020, I believe that more people will upgrade to Windows 10 in the January statistics.

In terms of browsers, Google Chrome’s market share declined slightly. The web browser now has 66.64% market share, followed by Mozilla Firefox with a market share of 8.36%. Microsoft ‘s Internet Explorer and Edge ranked third and fourth with market shares of 7.44% and 6.74%, respectively. In fifth place is Apple’s Safari, which has a market share of 6.02%.