Sources say there won’t be a Sony PS5 Pro

Many people may not have noticed a fact: PS5 has been on sale for three years. The PS5 still feels very “new” due to a lack of stock and a slightly underwhelming game lineup compared to the PS4. And considering that the PS4 launched a Pro model with upgraded performance three years after its release, players also have reason to believe that Sony will launch the PS5 Pro.
PlayStation 5 digital Japan
However, according to a well-known source, who is also a whistleblower who is quite familiar with FPS players, Tom Henderson said that Sony has no plans for PS5 Pro, or PS5 Slim, which is very different from PS4. He believes that Sony’s new PS5 is the second generation of the current model, which will start mass production in April and go on sale in September, while the current model will stop production this year.

For this “second generation”, Tom Henderson explained in detail that this PS5 will have a detachable optical drive. In this way, instead of having to produce two styles of PS5 at the same time, Sony can reduce costs and produce them in one mold-whether it is a digital version or a disc version. For players, this is also a very flexible and cost-saving design. If you want to read the game after buying a digital version of the console, you only need to buy an optical drive.

Regarding the lack of PS5 Pro, Tom Henderson’s point of view is that the current performance of PS5 has not been fully utilized, coupled with the consideration of time nodes, this is why Sony does not consider Pro models. At the same time, he also mentioned that he received more information on PS6 than PS5 Pro. In the interaction with netizens, Tom Henderson also believes that the detachable optical drive of the new PS5 model is not as incompatible with the existing models as the previous rumors, and Sony only needs to update the software.