Source code shows that the Windows XP theme is the same Mac

The leak of Windows source code is no longer unfamiliar to Microsoft, but recently we reported that Microsoft has leaked a newer system source code this time, which is now the Windows XP source code widely circulated on the Internet.

A user in a community recently released the source codes of Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003. He said that these source codes have been quietly circulating for many years, and this time they were open to the public.

As an operating system that most of us should have used, Windows XP can be said to be the operating system we are most familiar with, but we don’t understand the deep mystery.

For example, some netizens picked up a system theme that we had never seen before in the leaked Windows XP source code. This system theme is called Candy and is officially produced by Microsoft. The overall style can be said to have copied Apple’s Mac system.

In the week that the Windows XP source code leak occurred, Microsoft did not make an official response, but it has responded to media that they are investigating the matter.

Via: theverge